Welcome to Hasnain’s Care”.If you land here, you probably have a lot inquiry about higher education, career and necessary preparation for admission or interview. The abundance of exams in particular can be daunting for both students and families. Hasnain’s Care is home to these daunting questions (and much more).

Everything you ever wanted for your PREPARATION Attractive Course Materials, Learner friendly Environment, Easy Communication, Super fast WIFI, Social integration and moreover – a mentor that helps you generate motivation from inside to succeed! – Hasnain’s Care guarantees you achieve every bit of it. So what are you waiting, Join our course and make beautiful career winning the hurdles of life.


Hasnain’s Care was founded in November, 2011 with the vision to provide quality preparation support for IELTS, TOEFL, and SAT. Nestled in a homely building in a safe, famous neighborhood which is O.R. NIZAM R/A NEAR GEC Circle in Chittagong and staffed by people whose first priority is the success and happiness of each student, Hasnain’s Care is your friendliest preparation and career solution. Since its inception, Hasnain’s Care has guided learners to break through a slew of quandaries and the dark shadow of ignorance. Learner’s weakness and inabilities have been proved only to be a transient event as Hasnain’s Care continually has pulled these so called weak learners out of the penumbra into the light. Huge students across the country are getting life-changing lessons and skill-support here at Hasnain’s Care.



At Hasnain’s Care, our focus is on the individual student; we tailor all of our efforts to his or her specific needs. we start them off with the necessary level tests, which allow us to gauge their proficiency in the relevant subjects and help him or her succeed. Because we know the value of individual attention, the majority of the classes we offer are one-on-TEN. This allows both for the entire focus of our teachers to be on each specific student and for the student to concentrate fully on the lesson. We also, offer group classes (with a maximum of 20 students) for those who excel in more competitive environments.



While Hasnain’s Care is perhaps best known for its track record of preparing high school /undergraduate/Masters students from around BD and even internationally for TOEFL, IELTS and SAT our efforts don’t end there. Hasnain’s Care offers its students comprehensive support and guidance on every aspect of the college application process through the unique experience of crafting the perfect Personal Statement and help them fine-tune their resumes to make their accomplishments really shine.



We start with knowing your business first. Things that are working and the ones that’s not. We analyze your needs and sketch road map of your COURSE accordingly. We then work with you and plan to find untapped opportunities. Through all stages of the development process, we will be communicating with you. From small 2 to 4 DAY Course, Strategic Dealing of 1 DAY WORKSHOP, 3 to 6 MONTH long Course, we take care of it all! Hasnain’s Care offers professional Care and exceptional Materials which enhance your preparation and enrich your confidence by emphasizing clean and functional performance. At Hasnain’s Care, we make sure all our CANDIDATES perform at their best before they go for live TEST. Our experienced FACULTY check every aspect of the CANDIDATE to deliver the best in the final.



Hasnain’s Care offers a complete range of support for prospective IELTS candidates in different preparation segments. The core focus of our research team is vital in the collection and creation of STANDARD mock papers that stand high quality and reliability. These papers ensure our CANDIDATES to perform exceptionally well in even the most challenging environments. As the population of IELTS materials continues to grow and our knowledge base expands, we periodically offer variety of supplemental services to our clients. We value our customers and their unique needs and expectations. Our customer focus and dedication to unparalleled excellence in IELTS and SAT preparation service, has resulted in proven success in the learner Conglomerates.


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